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About Us

Classic Cleaning by Moms, Inc. was started by two moms in 2000. We wanted a more flexible schedule in order to spend more time with our kids. By working during school hours, we were able to be there to pick up our kids from school and after school activities. Soon supper, homework, and bedtime became less stressful and more rewarding.

From the very first day, cleaning our customer’s homes with the same care as we clean our own homes was first priority. We became quite popular because we were doing the job right! Customers appreciated the quality of our work! Housework traditionally has been underappreciated but we find great pride in a job well-done.

Most of our cleaners are moms. As moms, our kids are our highest priority! After nine years we have been, and will continue to be, sensitive to our Cleaning Moms’ needs for their children. We offer them the flexibility they require. Happier workers make the best cleaners and help us to maintain “quality detailed cleaning.”

Proudly serving the greater Memphis area since 2000, including:

Arlington | Bartlett | Collierville | Cordova | Eades
Germantown | Lakeland | Oakland

Memphis Most Award 2010

Classic Cleaning by Moms has had an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau of the Midsouth every year since joining in 2001!


Every home is different. Our goal is to provide the “detailed quality cleaning,” that you can expect from an “A+” BBB rated company. Call or email today for a customized estimate.
  • Everything is cleaned from top to bottom
Relax and know that your home has been cleaned to your expectations: Weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or as needed. Call or email today for a customized estimate.
  • Kitchen & Bathrooms [scrubbed & sanitized]
  • Dusting & Glass Cleaning [wood is polished, glass is shined]
  • Vacuuming & Mopping [hardwood & tile floors made bare-foot cleaned]
  • Scheduled Baseboards & Blinds Cleanings [maintained with rotations]
  • Making Beds [linens changed]
Of course this is a basic cleaning guideline, yet every customer may have different needs. Customers are encouraged to make a check list of special requests or extra attention to certain areas. A priority list is helpful to those with a limited budget. Please consider extra time for refrigerator & oven cleanings during a regular cleaning.

Apartments, Condominiums & Townhomes [moved-in or moved-out cleanings]

Homes of all sizes

We will clean from top-to-bottom: including the insides of cabinets, closets & appliances. Plus: windows, doors, light fixtures, ceiling fans, etc. Garages, porches & patios are swept.] Realtors can depend on us to make homes sparkle for outstanding open houses and showings that sell! New home owners can count on moving into a clean & sanitized healthy home for their family to experience a less stressful move into a welcoming home.

Twice weekly, weekly or bi-weekly services

Dusting, vacuuming, mopping, trash removal, bathrooms & break rooms cleaned as often as needed. Deep cleanings of baseboards blinds & ceiling fans is available and will be maintained on a rotation schedule.

Rates: Call today for a free in-home estimate (901) 382-8818


Get a free in-home quote from our Supervisor!

We estimate hours that are sufficient to provide the great attention to detail that Classic Cleaning by Moms is known for.

Our staff typically works in teams of two. After the initial cleaning, it is optional to supply your own cleaning products. We have a supply list of recommended quality products that will help us get the job done right. Green products are available upon request.

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I know the women who own and operate Classic Cleaning by Moms, so I trust this company in my home. They are honest and dependable people who see their customers as ‘real’ people and work hard to meet their very personal needs. Before an important date or event, I can always call and they’ll work me into the schedule. They remember me and my home and know my likes and dislikes – what I value as important – and they always fulfill my expectations. The cleaners are always meticulous, down to the last detail in every room. Always putting things where they belong and taking care of delicate items appropriately, they are conscientious with my things and respect my privacy. I have used other cleaning services in the past, and now that I know Classic Cleaning by Moms I wouldn’t have anyone else in my home – and I wouldn’t recommend another service!

– C.G. (East Memphis)

I have used Classic Cleaning by Moms for a couple of years now and really appreciate their services. The employees are hard working and thorough. I don’t have to watch them; in fact, my husband and I have left our house to run errands while they were there and have never worried about leaving them alone. I don’t know how I got along without them.

– P. D. (Cordova)

I have been a customer of Classic Cleaning by Moms, Inc. since January 2001. I had never used a cleaning service before that time, and my two greatest concerns were finding someone who would provide quality cleaning and also finding someone who I could trust in my home. Classic Cleaning quickly dismissed both of my concerns and exceeded my expectations. The owners are very conscientious about the quality of work and the quality of the employees that they hire. They have been willing to work with my schedule for cleanings when I had out-of-town guests, parties, or travel. We have established a relationship where I feel confident that my cleaning needs will be met (if at all possible), even on short notice. If someone needs a little help or a lot of help, they are willing to customize the cleaning to the customer’s desires, and that is also an important attribute when considering a cleaning service.

– E.T. (Germantown)

I do want to say that the experiences I have had with classic cleaning, I have been more than happy with. I think the cleaning is great. All the employees are so willing to work and are very polite and nice. I am very impressed with your service.

– S.A. (East Memphis)

My wife and I have been extremely satisfied customers of “Classic Cleaning by Moms” for the past 7 years. Their crews of workers are reliable, honest, trustworthy, dependable and always do a great job. Highly Recommended!!

– MJS (Midtown Memphis)

We have used Classic Cleaning By Moms exclusively since 2002, and are pleased to recommend their services. They are reliable and their cleaning skills always excellent. Their staff is courteous, conscientious and professionally friendly.

– D.B. (Collierville)

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